There's something every who grows up around the Great Lakes learns early on, don't mess with the gales of November on Lake Superior. But that warning didn't stop a dedicated group of surfers from hitting the greatest of the Great Lakes in mid-November 2021, ironically on the same day as the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald.

A video of still shots of the surfers was shared to YouTube and to the PureUP Facebook group. The uploader shared that it was 17 mile-per-hour offshore winds that created the chop favorable to getting the boards out in the frigid water.

[Lake Superior] surfers are the most hardcore surfers I've ever met[/pullquotes]

It isn't just in Michigan where surfing on Lake Michigan can produce spectacular videos. The YouTube channel Surfer chronicled visited the 'Other North Shore' of Lake Superior near Duluth. The North Shore they're referencing in the well-known surfing haven in Ohau.

A commentor on the video states, "[Lake Superior] surfers are the most hardcore surfers I've ever met."

No look at surfing at Lake Superior would be complete without talking Surfer Dan. The UP resident is known for the ice that encrusts his hair and beard after a trip into the winter waves of Lake Suprior.

The Majesty of Michigan

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