Museums are great fun for the whole family! If you're getting tired of going to movies and the same old stuff over the summer, keep in mind that after a year the Williamston Depot Museum is open again with a few new exhibits as of last Sunday. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy an outing at a museum. Let's go!

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Here's What You Can See

This Museum is dedicated to Williamston and surrounding areas to enjoy. It's educational for everyone with exhibits and tours. Here is one thing to look forward to, Linda Siciliano made an exhibit about Barrett's clothing store.

Barret's is the longest-running business in Williamston," Wolf said. "It goes back to 1909. It carried men's wear and dry goods and became synonymous with downtown Williamston for generations. The store closed in 2019 and most of the items in the exhibit came from the store's attic. It’s reopening with another function, but hopefully, they keep that name because it’s just an icon in the Williamston community.

This exhibit will only be up temporarily, so get there soon and enjoy, but the Telegraph Station exhibit they have which is so cool will be permanent. This a must-see because if you think about it, before the telegraph, messages sent in this world could only go as fast as the person traveling with it. When the telegraph hit, it was magic for the cellular age that was coming.

More Info On Your Museum Fun

For more info go to The Depot Museum is in the historic town of Williamston. It's open every Wednesday from 4-6 PM, the second Sunday of every month from 2-4 PM and you can ask for an appointment by calling (517) 420-0971. Admission is free but donations are appreciated. Enjoy.

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