Every time I see a story like this, I think two things: "Nobody promised me fair", and "Why does this never ever happen to me?" And as you're reading this, you're probably thinking "Quit whining", and "What makes you so special? It should be me, not you."

A twenty-four year old Jackson man is on a roll.

“I had won $5,000 on a Super Bonus Cashword ticket last week, and I was still feeling pretty lucky,” said the 24-year-old player. “Later that night, I bought a couple Ruby Mine tickets and hit $1 million!” -MILotteryConnect.com.

Yes. He won five grand and was still feeling "pretty lucky".

I"m slowly realizing that there are a few things I'm never going to know or feel. I'm never going to be "in the zone" like a Michael Jordan, or be one with an instrument like the late Eddie Van Halen, where the guitar just became an extension of him. And now, while I've won $5 here and there on the lottery (and actually won $100 as third prize in a big lottery pot), I'm never going to have that moment of shock that just drops you to your knees and absolutely stuns you. But. alas, the night is young. I hope.

So what's up next for this guy from Jackson? He chose to do his prize as a one-time lump sum. That works out to $634,000. And he's buying a house, a car and then sharing some of it with his folks. Well, good for him, but I still wish it was me.

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