Yes I'm asking why was "The House" an apartment complex on Collins in Lansing never finished. If you drive on 127 and get off at Exit 11 and turn left you will see these apartments in all of it's glory (the actual address is 3600 Dunckel Rd).  It has the structure built, the lobby is clearly done, and the apartments have decks and terraces. So I'm gonna ask again "What happened? Why didn't it open?"

It is in prime location of getting to many things and is right around the corner from 127, and across from the Red Roof Inn and from the large MSU farm, as well as a block from other apartment complexes on Jolly. I thought I had to ask the question since I'm always on the lookout for new apartments, I'm going to have to move to a new place this fall, but I guess I can't at "The House"

I searched online and according to, it has no availibilty duh!, it has some great features too, and also it was taking people for leasing apartments for FALL OF 2014!

Anyway, I first made a video as I strolled around their large parking lot and took some pics which you can see below.

In case you were wondering their website doesn't work and if you call the number they didn't give me any details on this place but information on their other places they own in the Lansing-Area.

If you know why please tell me or tell me how much it is to buy this cause I wanna see it finished.

Message me on Facebook or Twitter or Comment on the pics to tell me if you know more

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