Yeah yeah yeah. Cats, the motion picture based on the Broadway musical, hits theaters this weekend (December 20th). It has the unfortunate task of going head to head with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And after some pretty negative reaction to the trailers, I honestly think the movie is not going to do as well as they hope it will.

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 The CGI & the costumes...a little off putting? Disturbing? Something ain't right?
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But I digress. There's no such thing as bad press right?

That's not the BIG story this morning. One of the stars of the movie, Jason Derulo, is getting all the attention this week as we head to it's opening weekend.

The singer posted a pic on Instagram about a month or so ago. And then conveniently let everyone know that the folks over at the social media site had it removed/taken down because of it's sexual nature (read: I can't help my size & I wasn't aroused when I took this photo).

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Jason even complained that his "blessing" was airbrushed/CGI'ed out of the movie because it was too big in said CGI catsuit for the movie.

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Honestly, I dunno if I'm buying this. Real talk, there are plenty of pictures that are WAAAAY more risque than this pretty tame one of Jason. And some I've seen have been up (and had plenty of views) on Instagram for a while. I don' see them being taken down or...

I don't want to call this fake news or say this is manufactured outrage. It just seems pretty timely considering his movie is coming out and we're talking about him and his...airbrushed out appendages in lieu of the movie.

It's eye candy. It's water cooler talk. It's not enough to generate the buzz to go see this movie that's gonna get annihilated at the box office by the competition.


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