In case you don't know this, Sunday night or Monday Morning, at 1:59am on Monday morning any clock you have controlled by a computer will wind up to 3am. If you are annoyed cause you forgot this weekend was Daylight Savings Time, then join the party cause I forgot too.


















As you can tell from the picture above I am unwilling to change this clock I have in my living room. It has been an hour behind for the last 6 months and I know I'm not the only one that would refuse to set it cause I have 17 other clocks in my house that all are set because they use a computer. But now that someone told me that Daylight Savings was two weeks from now I look forward to knowing it will be set to the correct time along with every other clock I own.

So my question is why do we still do this? I always hear as a kid it was for farmers but that doesn't make sense as the sun will rise and the crops don't care what time it is. Also Arizona and Hawaii don't do it yet all of the other states do it. So why do we do this?

If you have any reasons why you like Daylight Savings Time, please tell me on Facebook or Twitter. If not then I guess we can all enjoy one less hour of sleep for no good reason.


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