A new poll about Health and Well-Being shows that Lansing might need a little help.

The poll comes from the Gallup-Healthways Index of Well-Being. It ranks the nation's biggest cities on health and happiness. This poll is made up of several factors, such as smoking, disease prevalence, proper money management, and healthy and supportive friendships.

Lansing came in at a whopping number 123 out of a total of 189 making it not the worst city in Michigan. The highest ranking city in Michigan, which is about 100 spots higher than Lansing, is Ann Arbor, which came in at number 27. But at least Lansing is not the worst as Lansing still ranked higher than Flint, which came in at 184th in terms of health and happiness.The city earning the top spot is somewhere you might retire to in Naples, Florida.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

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