Beautiful young businesswoman smiling.

Lisa decided to celebrate International Working Women's Day, saying "I'm choosing to make my point about today not by calling out of work, but to show up, do the best job that I can, and appreciate my coworkers male and female that make my job what it is."

I asked if you're protesting, celebrating, marching, skipping work in solidarity or if you're doing what Lisa's doing.

While some women stated their solidarity with the movement, most indicated that their routine is not changing.

Celes said "I am with Lisa! I am at work!! I have been working since I was 15, on my own since I was 17, and started providing for a family at 19. I celebrate not only being a woman who does what she must on a daily basis, but I also celebrate all of the women before me who made it possible for me to do so!!!"

Karmen said "WORK! Because thats what I do as a woman to support my children and teach them that working hard gets you what you want and need."

Amber said "I'm at work. Where I get paid as much as my male counterparts, have a woman CIO and am surrounded by powerful women. I am here because this is what my predecessors fought for. I plan on making women who fought for this proud by being as successful and powerful and impactful as possible."

Some went even further.  Check it out!

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