Whore's Corners?

You heard right.

This Michigan ghost town has been said to be in two locations: in the U.P. and down here in Newaygo County. From the information I could gather, I believe it was down this way, just a couple of hours away.

It lies at the intersection of E. 13 Mile Rd. and N. Oak Rd. in Home Township, Newaygo County, somewhat northwest of Ferris University in Big Rapids.

Why was it given that name? Thanks to it's location near the Huron National Forest, many lumber camps sprung up, surrounding the site. In this little village was a church, restaurant...and a rooming house that was notorious for the prostitutes that would bring in and "entertain" many of the lumberjacks.

It didn't take long for the men in the lumber camps to come down with cases of venereal disease. Of course, it affected their ability to work to full capacity, therefore, the lumber camp owners banished the women from the area...with business gone, the rooming house closed up and the town didn't last much after that. All that remains at that intersection now is a school, a newer church and a house or two (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

12 Mile Rd., just south of 13 Mile, is also said to have been part of Whore's Corners.

As far as I know, the actual name of that town is lost but the nickname "Whore's Corners" is still whispered about from time to time.

Other sources claim Whore's Corners is located in the U.P. but WHERE? NONE of them say where it was, what it was near or ANY information whatsoever, except that it was a favorite hangout for lumberjacks. According to information I found on theoctoberproject.com, I believe it's in Newaygo County.....at least some co-ordinates were given.

There have reportedly been other little communities with the name "Whore's Corners"...if I can find out some info on those, I'll write about 'em.

If you can find out more, please share it. Either way, a little side trip to the intersection of E. 13 Mile Rd and N. Oak Rd would be fun...and it couldn't hurt!

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