OK Mid-Michigan. Did you vote? Did you get your sticker? More importantly, did you make your voice heard?

This general election was just a warm up for the big showdown coming in 2020. If you voted, thank you. If you didn't vote this time, please make sure you're registered and make sure you vote.

A big thank you to our broadcast partners at WILX News 10 Your Breaking News and Weather Authority for the results listed below. Please visit them HERE for complete election results.

There were several elections in several counties. City council seats, Mayoral races, proposals and more. Here's a quick look at some of the results we have as of this morning. Some races are super tight and you might want to check back later for updates.


In East Lansing, voters approved by 77 percent the a plan which will allow the city council to sell 27 acres at West and Coleman Roads.


Here, in Jackson County, we start with the Chelsea School District.

They wanted to the ability to borrow $81,000,000 and issue tax bonds for building construction and school equipment.

This included buses.

Voters said yes with 60 percent of the vote.


In total, there were 15 proposals on various ballots throughout mid-Michigan on Election Day 2019.

By the end of the night, all 15 proposals passed.

More on the recalls, the winners, the losers, and more HERE from WILX News 10.


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