Yes you read that right; you can go ice tobogganing in Mid-Michigan and I'll tell you where. If you have never heard of or gone ice tobogganing I'll tell you a little about it. Ice tobogganing is basically going sledding, except instead of a flat piece of wood on top of metal rails like a sled, a Toboggan is a long piece of wood with a curled front. Ice Tobogganing was originally created in Canada and is well known in Michigan and throughout Canada. There's a really cool location in Mid-Michigan so you can try it out without having to find or make your own toboggan.

If you want to go ice tobogganing, it is happening throughout the Winter in Midland at Midland City Forest (4811 N. Saginaw Rd., Midland, MI 48640). Midland City Forest features Michigan’s only hand-packed toboggan runs, actually four of them with each at a tenth of a mile long. Weather can make the toboggan run unable to function, so you should check if they are open here before planning a trip. But when they are, all you have to do is show up and pay $8 per hour. You can go on as many hills as you can in 2 hours. Check out a video of one of the runs below, and you can check out more videos of other Michiganders going down the hills here. 

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