Great news Dewitt. Get ready to make a mad dash for Dunkin' Donuts and super cheap gas.

Credit: Tailgaters Dunkin' Donuts/Sunoco
Credit: Tailgaters Dunkin' Donuts/Sunoco

First, Dewitt finally gets their Dunkin'. It's been in the works and under construction for a while. But the finishing touches are being applied and the grand opening of the area’s newest Tailgaters, Dunkin' Donuts, Sunoco - DeWitt is upon us.

The date: Wednesday morning, October 9th.

The location: At the Airport Road exit #84 from I-69, just North of Lansing.

The time: here's where you're going to want to pay extra attention.

On the morning of their grand opening, starting at 10 AM, you will be able to purchase gas for just 99 CENTS A GALLON. That stays in effect for an hour so you know you probably want to get in line early. And we're sure it's gonna be bananas.

At 11 AM, the price $1.99 A GALLON. That's right, just a buck ninety nine. And that lasts just an hour as well.

At noon, everything goes back to normal.

So make plans to join us. Large will be there Wednesday afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm broadcasting live. After the cheap gas frenzy has died down.

Get there early. Fill up on Dunkin' Donuts and check out this new "next generation" Dunkin Donuts location with an additional drive through lane just for folks who use the Dunkin' App.

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