These two things are fact: Recreational pot is now legal in Michigan. And, due to our craft beer breweries, Michigan is one of the great beer states in America. In fact, Michigan is ranked #3 by Groupon and #4 by

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So, how will legalized recreational weed affect the consumption of beer in Michigan? The answer might lie to our north, in one of the great beer nations in the world - Canada. Recreational pot has been legal for the last year in Canada - and people there are drinking less beer. According to, beer consumption in Canada was down 3% last year, with domestic beer falling further and imported beer actually increasing in volume sales. The theory is that pot smokers drink cheaper domestic beer and drink less beer when they're high.

However, Michigan is known for our craft beer. So, our breweries may sell more (imported) Michigan beer to our Canadian friends. And legalized pot may just affect sales of cheap beer - or force cheap beer to get even cheaper.

I think that solves all our beer issues. Don't thank me - thank Canada.

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