Don't worry though, you will still be able to celebrate as they will still be holding it next year. You will just have to wait until Spring 2021 to celebrate cannabis and everything else marijuana.

According to the event's page, the 420 Cannabis Festival, which was to be held on April 18th at Adado Riverfront, has been postponed due to Coronavirus concerns. Like most if not all festivals this year, this one has been moved to April 24, 2021. The festival is to celebrate all things marijuana, and have vendors as well as lots of live music.

This could be nice festival to go to since 2020 has been such a downer of a year. The festival was still going to happen as of a few months ago with CDC restrictions in place and no smoking at the event. The no smoking thing is quite strange at a festival about marijuana, but delaying the event until next year should allow (hopefully) for less restrictions.

Also if you bought tickets for the 2020 festival they will be good for the 2021 festival.

You can get your tickets for the 2021 Event here.

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