This Columbus, Ohio man did not ask for a side of cannabis with his Door Dash order, but he got one.

Columbus, Ohio law enforcement just released their police report about the pot delivery incident that took place on August 9th.  The Door Dash customer took a picture of the bag of pot he found at the bottom of his food back next to his fork.  Before he could call the police the food delivery driver came back for the weed according to ABC 6,

He would give me my money back and refund me my order if I gave him my entire bag back, cause he claimed that it was medicine in the bag for his friend that was to be used for medical reasons.

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It's important to mention that even though recreational marijuana is legal in many states around the country, Ohio is not one of them. You can, however, get medicinal weed in the Buckeye state, but not via a Door Dash order.

Most people, especially in Michigan, would have happily given the driver his weed back and enjoyed the free food.  However, the Ohio customer was worried about what would have happened had his nephew received the bag of pot by mistake, and that's why he called the police.

Door Dash released a statement saying that they do not condone the action of the Door Dash driver and have fired him.  No charges have been filed at this time as the Columbus Police Department is investigating the incident.

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