Michigan's primary voting day is tomorrow, March 10th, and after months we finally get to vote on Democratic nominee for President. But what about everything else on the ballot? Yes there are going to be a few things on the ballot, and actually there will be over 200 different millage and other ballot measures all across the state.

In Lansing, besides the Presidential primary there will be a couple of ballot measures. There will be a ballot measure on the funding of intermediate schools, trails, and also for CATA. Ingham County Health services millage will also be up for vote, that has to do with reauthorizing funding for providing basic health care and mental health services to low-income Ingham County residents who are not eligible for Medicaid or don't have health insurance. Some other ballot initiatives are happening in Portland, for schools, and in DeWitt, for emergency services.

The Michigan polls will be open from 7 AM - 8PM. There are expected to be lines so make sure to give yourself some time. If you have requested an absentee ballot then you have to make sure it is dropped off by Tuesday at 8pm or have a postmark by Tuesday.

Also here is something if you aren't registered you still have time, since as a result of Proposal 3, Michigan residents now can register to vote up to and including Election Day.

You can check if you are registered, find out where to vote, and what will be on your ballot here. 

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