We got a lot of phone calls about this Thursday morning.

It's commonplace to see dogs as emotional support animals. But more and more people are taking it to extremes. Emotional support chickens, pigs, miniature horses...even peacocks. And, they are taking them on planes.

(Video: CBS Evening News via YouTube)

We talked about a woman who was recently kicked off a plane because she had an emotional support squirrel.

(Video: USA TODAY via YouTube)

So, our phone topic Thursday morning:

What Pets Should Be A Banned From Flying As "Emotional Support" Animals?

Here's what you guys had to say:

This guy got on a plane and one passenger had a support spider.

This woman feels that it should be DOGS ONLY!

This guy brought up an interesting point. What if you're allergic to someone's support pet on the plane?

And this guy says, what if he needs a support animal, he's allergic to dogs and cats, and his only option is an exotic animal?


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