I've realized that since last summer when I had a squirrel try twice to get into my house, and Grand Rapids lost power to a bunch of stoplights downtown because of a squirrel, that I'm going to be that old guy who yells at squirrels.  I don't want to be, but I also don't like how destructive and brazen they really are, they don't even respect Jesus.

Check this out, Ste. Anne's Church on Mackinac Island posted on Facebook that a couple of months ago they had a squirrel break into the church and spend only a few hours inside, but did SO much damage, including knocking a large cross off the wall and shattering Jesus on the floor. The squirrel also chewed up the window sills and knocked over a bunch of plants.  This is why I'm SO nervous about a squirrel getting into my house, they're just nuts. (pun not originally intended, but totally works lol)

They ended up having to escort the devil squirrel out of the church after it sat and watched the two people clean up the mess.

The post was really about the broken Jesus and how the two people in the post were able to get him back together, looking good, and hung back up in the church, which is a great story in itself.  Looking at the picture of Jesus on the floor, I am surprised at how crafty Jim was in getting him back together.

But I also saw a good time to remind everyone about the evilness of those little squirrels.

I really like the last sentence of the original post, a lesson if you will,

A kind of poignant reminder to keep the faith no matter how bad it looks and keep the squirrels where they belong!


I agree with all of that, especially the squirrel part, keep them in hell, that's where they belong.



p.s. sorry if you're a squirrel fan.  Please enjoy some squirrels eating at picnic tables.

Mini Picnic Table Squirrel Feeders are THE BEST

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