Whenever it's meal time at "grandma's" (my mom's), inevitably, my kids will argue about who gets "the Joshua spoon."

This is the Joshua spoon.  It's a Spaghettios spoon inscribed with my name on it that was mine when I was a kid.  My brother, Ben, had one too.  We loved our Spaghettios spoons when we were kids, so I get why my kids fight over it.

Come to think of it, I do kinda wonder why my spoon never made it into the bins of "Josh's stuff" that my mom sent me packing with back in the day.  My brother didn't end up with his either.

I'm sure there was some foresight involved; saved for her future grand kids...to fight over.

Do your kids fight over anything that is kinda random like this?  Comment below!