We all have a weird food combination that we do that most others don't, so what is it and why do you add these foods together? I'm asking you those questions this afternoon, so no matter how weird you think your food combination is, you might find someone that does it too.

My weird food combination is that I love to dip different foods in gravy or ranch, like any meat and some veggies too. I know the gravy kinda counters the nutrition that the veggie is putting out there but it does taste so good.

So what is your weird or strange food combo, and if you are racking your brain for a while or think you don't eat something different than anybody else, here are some examples.



Also you can share your weird food combo on our Facebook now here. 

Also I'll be playing some of your weird food combos on air so if you want to tell me yours or maybe brag about your amazing food combo, don't hesitate to call me today from 4p - 6p to get in on the conversation.

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