Logic continues his musical onslaught. Today (Sept. 7), after teasing the track earlier this week on Wednesday, the Def Jam rapper pulls up with "Everybody Dies," a song that finds him taking a moment to reflect on both his current standing in the rap game and the world at large.

From the first verse on, Logic takes us everywhere from his humble days in the DMV to the heights of the rap stardom he's reached today.

"Grew up broke as fuck, rich folks was adjacent/Maryland, staring out the window for motivation/I remember lil Bobby, lil B/Man I wish I could be a dog in a rich family/Oh how nice would that shit be, my life a catastrophe/Now my shit a masterpiece, No Limit like Master P/Now I am the master, see, that's the way it has to be/My life is a movie, I'm so glad God casted me," he raps on a CuBeatz and 6ix-produced instrumental.

Elsewhere on the track, which checks in at just over four minutes, Bobby Tarantino lets loose on an interesting tidbit about how much music he's got in his cache. Apparently, a lot.

"I just took a hiatus and wrote a novel, muthafucka/I got more verses than the Holy Bible, muthafucka/'Cause I'm sitting on five unreleased albums/Greatest of all time, no lying, that's the outcome," Logic spits.

"Everybody Dies" arrives a little over a month after Logic dropped off his Young Sinatra 4 single, "One Day." It comes a week after he unleashed his "YSIV Freestyle." If these tracks are any indication, Logic is kicking things into high gear as he approaches the release date for Young Sinatra 4. Should be dope.

Check out "Everybody Dies" below.

Def Jam
Def Jam

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