There are two scams to watch out for in the Mid-Michgian area, one has to do with fake calls BWL and the other has to do with fake employees for Consumers Energy.

First there is a scam happening in Jackson with scammers dressing as Consumers Energy employees. These scammers are back in the Jackson area due to recent string of storms and tornado this past week. According to WILX, one incident happened last week at a home near Francis and High streets, the homeowner said that two men showed up unannounced and are said to be with Consumers Energy and trying to come inside the home. The homeowner didn't let the scammers inside and called the police. There have been other incidents of scammers trying to get inside homes to "check meters" or to get personal information. But Consumers Energy has said to not give out information or let anyone inside your home without the person showing ID, even if the company uses people from a third-party company, Consumers says they have decals showing they working for/with Consumers.

Next, this scam is a scam that comes around every couple of months and it has to do with scammers calling as if they are from Lansing BWL looking for your personal information. Lansing BWL has gotten several complants from people saying they have gotten calls from people pretending to be from BWL, demanding money or their service will be cut off. Just know this is a scam as the BWL wants to remind its customers that they will never have customer service reps call and ask for credit card information over the phone.

If you think you have gotten a scam call or have seen the scammers come to your home, please call the police, and don't let anyone not associated with Consumers into your home.

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