Let that swim around in your head for a minute. And when you're ready, watch this video! Btw, this is a real thing. I was looking online to see if it was a hoax or not. And according to the Washington Post, the video “was made in all seriousness,” believe it or not. “We wanted to create a new type of cooking.” The article even alluded to this video and the cooking done within as "some kind of conceptual art". This is your warning, this is not easy to watch. And rest assured, if I'm invited to a meal where the food was prepared with Mouth Cooking...nah, I'll pass. And word to the wise, at about 3:20 or so with the egg...is where I got truly queasy. Enjoy...or not lol.

What is 'mouth cooking?' You might need to see it to believe it.

Hey, have you heard about mouth cooking? If you are thinking, "Cooking with your mouth sounds kind of disgusting," I am here to tell you: It will exceed all of your expectations. Let this video explain: First, we meet a British woman who introduces herself as "Riva Godfrey" (She's playing a role: Her real name is Iska Lupton).

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