I recently saw an article breaking down 13 Michigan cities' signature foods...and they didn't include Lansing. That was weird to me because shouldn't the state capital be included? They also didn't include Mid-Michigan even though West Michigan and the U.P. both made the list, just saying. Anyway, that got me thinking about what Lansing's signature food would be.

Some of the signature foods that MLive listed are olive burgers in West Michigan, pasties in the Upper Peninsula, and coney dogs in Detroit. Most of those foods are well-known in Lansing, and you can get a great coney dog or olive burger here.

Since Lansing didn't make the list, I'm wondering what our signature food is? What's the thing that someone not from Lansing can come to the Lansing area and get? I'm not even sure what to guess, but vegetables and fruits are allowed because Sparta had apples and Traverse City has cherries. In addition, drinks can be a signature food, too, so this gives us a lot of options.

If we put our heads together, I'm sure we can find our signature food. If it's not something for Lansing or East Lansing specifically, there definitely has to be something for the mid-Michigan area.

You can make your case for a signature food in the comments below!

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