I had a kid almost swerve into me while trying to merge on 127 Southbound at the 496 exchange the other day. He was driving and on his phone. I swear he looked like he had just got his permit if anything. And he had the nerve to look at me like I was crazy.

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How bonkers does it make you when you're driving behind someone who's clearly driving distracted? They're going too slow. On the highway you see them drifting out of their lane. Into the rumble strips. You know when you drive past them you gotta take a look and shoot the look.

And it infuriates you when you see it's someone on their phone.

And let's be honest, you know if it's a kid (teenager) you get super heated. Is it just me?

Well, just like there's an app for everything, there's a law for that. At least they are trying to pass one.

Drivers under age 18 would be prohibited from using cellphones except for emergencies under a bill advancing in Michigan's Legislature.

The state now bars drivers with a learner's or intermediate permit from using a phone while operating a motor vehicle. (WILX)

While I am thrilled about this, I also had to think about something. Most kids with a permit of some type have to have an adult in the car with them while they are operating a motor vehicle right? Usually mom or dad or hopefully someone who wants to live while letting our future jr drivers cart them around. How about a little help people.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer supports the bill and is urging the Senate to pass it after it returns to session in January. (WILX)

They need to fast track this one immediately.

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