Distracted Driving is one of the biggest factors in auto accidents, and Michigan is finally taking steps towards being a hands free state.

Michigan lawmakers have pushed some laws through that try to cut down on distracted driving, but nothing that would be considered "hands free". Cell phones are the main tool of distraction for most drivers. Texting while driving has been the focus of most distracted driving campaigns, and it looks like Michigan is about to go completely hands free.

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A group of three bills with bipartisan support has been introduced into the Michigan House. The three bills are aimed at making Michigan a completely hands free state. You can read bills 4277, 4278, and 4279 to see the exact wording.

The short summary of the three bills is that pretty much all electronic devices would be illegal behind the wheel. There would also be increases to the fines and penalties if someone is caught using their phone behind the wheel. The Michigan State Police are fully supporting the bill, saying that it will definitely help to save lives on Michigan roads.

Why has this taken so long?

That's a good question. I can't tell you how many times I've passed someone on the expressway after watching them swerve in and out of their lane. When I finally get the chance to pass them, their eyes are buried in their phone! Never mind the fact that they are going 70mph in a car that weighs thousands of pounds.

As ridiculous as it sounds though, there are still people who oppose the move towards Michigan becoming a hands free state. The group that sees this as another form of government control have been very vocal in their opposition.

Overall, I think it's a no brainer that this should become law in Michigan. The safer we can make the roads for everyone, the better.


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