Honestly I hate these stickers. But I'm a single dude. I don't feel the need to celebrate my stick figure family or lack thereof. I don't get to brag about my honor student at insert middle school here. Between not having a lot of things to brag about on the back of my car, I also think I'm at that age where I don't want anything on my windows or bumper. They're a pain to get off. I've even had a few that people have ruined because they didn't agree with my political opinion OR they thought the sticker was so cool they wanted to steal it. Cause that always works out so well. You're going to peel off a cool sticker you want and it'll stick to...nothing. Chances are you'll rip it in the process.

They've got a sticker for EVERYTHING. Your college, your kid's sports, your animals, your guns, your interests, if you're military...a sticker for every occasion.

And sadly, that might be providing information to someone about your life.

Don't let this get you paranoid, but criminals and the crimes they commit are generally of opportunity.

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Some bad guys are crafty enough to observe you, read your body language, observe your attire and more, just to mark you as potential prey for a scam or worse.

And in the case of your vehicle, the stickers on the back of your car can let them know plenty about you and your family.

Your stick figure family, lets them know how many people potentially live in your house and oh, that you just had a baby.

Where you kid goes to school and if they are into soccer or other sports. So you'll be gone often on weekends or after school for games.

You sell make-up? That means you'll be out and about going door to door. Not at home or on the road alone going to go see clients and with some extra cash on you.

You love your dog. What kind of dog? Is it a little ankle bitter or bigger?

“You just want to take into account how could this information be used against me in some way by someone with bad intentions, so that comes down to a personal decision as far as what information you want to broadcast,”

“You have the biggest say in whether you are a victim or not,” Miller said. "You don’t want to put anything out there that people could victimize you, put all kinds of affiliation stickers on your car, where you work, whether or not you support the NRA if there are guns in your house. (WJACTV)

Be careful. Watch what information you are unknowingly putting out there about yourself. And be aware of your surroundings.

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