As people are already putting up their Christmas and holiday décor, and others try not to judge, we can't help but look forward to some of our favorite ways to please our senses over the holiday season.

Pumpkin Spice, see you later, peppermint and gingerbread and other holiday flavors will be here any moment.

I am someone who truly loves a good peppermint mocha, though it has to have the right peppermint to mocha ratio. I remember one year Tim Hortons had peppermint hot chocolate and I went absolutely nuts and got it almost every day.

Gingerbread, while I don't necessarily love it as a cookie, I think it makes a great drink flavor.

One of my favorite coffee-at-home flavors for the holiday season is actually International Delight's white chocolate raspberry flavor. I know, it probably doesn't seem like a "Christmassy" flavor, I promise you it's incredible. Put it in your coffee, your hot chocolate, your Red Bull...I don't care, you will want to drink it any way, any where.

Of course, there are also flavors like cranberry and sugar cookie to throw in there as well.

Luckily, those two also make some of the best scents!

National Candle Day is coming soon and wherever you shop for candles, I am sure you have heard about Bath and Body Works' "Candle Day Sale"!

I paced myself last year and only treated myself to four candles but they were a mix of some clean, crisp winter-y scents and thick, luxurious dessert scents. Nothing ever stands between me and my Red Velvet Cupcake candles around the holidays.

As someone who is allergic to pine, I never could have a real Christmas tree in my house but I sure do love the smell! That's why I make up for it with candles!

That's just the things that signify the at-home holiday scents. I think my all-time favorite holiday smell is the mall around Christmas time.

Santa is set up for pictures and there's always a kiosk or two selling those candied nuts! It's one of those oddly-specific things that once you think about, you think "Oh my gosh, she's right!"

All in all, there are a ton of fun flavors and smells to come as we trade pumpkin spice, apples and bonfires for snow, Christmas cookies and festiveness and I know I absolutely cannot wait.

Aside from the perfect array of candles, here's a few other things every Michigander needs to make it through winter:

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