Who doesn't love cute pet pictures? Every pet parent I've ever met couldn't wait to show me a picture of their fur baby, and I'm sure all of you out there with pets are no exception.

So that's what we want you to do: show us fur baby pics. We are looking for the cutest or just the best pics of your pets posing for the camera (or great candid shots, literally whatever picture you have of your pet will do). I'm sure you have tons of pictures in your phone already that you could send us, but if you wanted to use this as an excuse to have a pet photo shoot, we won't judge you.

The picture you see above is my dog, Georgia, and even though it might look like she is posing, that took me a few tries to get. If you're like me and want to get the perfect shot to send, you'll have a week to snap that pic and send it to us. Or, if you have the absolute best picture in your phone already, just send it now!

Yes, we do want to look through all of these adorable pet pictures, but we have one other reason for asking for them. We'd love to put together a huge photo gallery of pet pictures for everyone to enjoy. This is the time of year when everyone may be feeling a little down, so hopefully that photo gallery will help cheer people up!

To submit the pic, all you have to do is visit our free 97.5 NOW FM app. You'll want to choose "Submit a photo" from the menu. Just as a note, we want to be inclusive to all species. Whatever pet you have be it a dog, cat, ferret, rat, rabbit, snake, lizard or fish, we want to see them.

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Send your pics in as soon as possible (by the end of this week) and we will make a huge gallery of them for you to check out later in the weekend or next week!

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