Playoff football is on TV. And we're a long way from the BIG GAME, the half time performance, and of course the commercials. But before we get there, we've got some burning questions about some of the spots we're watching now. There are some pretty catchy tunes being featured in some of the latest ads and we've got some of the answers on who they are. Take a look.

Let's start with this one from Apple and the iPad Pro.

(Video: Apple via YouTube)

That one is N.E.R.D. Pharrell Willams and friends featuring Guicci Mane and Wale. The song is "Viola".

(Video: NERD via YouTube)

Then there's this one from Bacardi.

(Video: Bacardi USA via YouTube)

That one is Major Lazer and "Jump".

(Video: Major Lazer via YouTube)

Next is this Ford Edge commercial.

(Video: Ford Motor Company via YouTube)

And how timely is this one? The group is headlining Coachella and you probably haven't heard of them. Introducing Tame Impala (out of Australia) and "Let It Happen". Video is trippy to but that groove at the end that they use in the commercial is catchy. It's at about 3:12 in the video.

(Video: Tame Impala via YouTube)






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