For the first time in a while, American Idol is looking for their next star right here in Michigan. According to MLive, the last time American Idol came to Michigan was back in 2013, and they came to Ford Field with over 13,000 trying out for the show. This year though, they aren't coming to Ford Field but to TCF Center 1 Washington Blvd. in Downtown Detroit (formally Cobo Center).

If you want to audition for the show, there are some things you need to know. First, auditions are set to begin around 9:00 AM and wrap up at about 5:00 PM, so make sure you register online here or in person early. You should also bring your ID, and if you are under 18, you will need your parent or guardian. Next, you must be between 15 and 28 to audition and a legal resident of the US. Also, you must not be signed by a record label already, yes this is a big rule.

So if you want to audition, make sure to get the day off and have your voice ready. More on it here. 

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