Yes, there's already a new season and one of the episodes hits VERY close to home.

You may remember hearing about this story a decade ago and yes, it's been that long since 55-year-old JoAnn Romain's body was found in Canada, just off of Boblo Island.

Now, season two of the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is taking on the case of the Michigan mother of three.

Romain was last seen leaving a church service at St. Paul Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe Farms on January 12th, 2010. Parishioners found her car abandoned in the church parking lot; her purse was sitting on the front seat.

Her body was found on the Boblo Island side of the Detroit River by Canadian fishermen. Police surmised that she had walked into the freezing water to commit suicide, but her family isn't buying it.

“My mom was the most cautious, overprotective person in the world,” Michelle Romain, JoAnn’s daughter, says on on the show. “For them to say that she left the church to walk across the street in 12-degree weather, dark of night, where it was icy and snowy into a foot of freezing cold weather to take her own life. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Here's the rub - her parents came to Michigan from Syria and amassed a large fortune with a fine wine & spirits store. $20 million was left to split between JoAnna and her four siblings, which led to a "bitter feud" in the family.

There's been a Facebook group dedicated to JoAnn for the last ten years and now, after a lawsuitw was filed by the family against the police department, Unsolved Mysteries is taking on the case.

Romain's episode is the fifth in the second season; it's now streaming on Netflix.

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