Last week we had bitter cold temperatures but this week it will drastically change which is enjoyable for our bodies but could make roads and other things messy.

We will be seeing highs in the 30s on Wednesday, which is normal, but then we will see 40s on Thursday and 50s for the high on Thursday. Full forecast for this week here.  This should melt whatever remaining snow is still around and also warm up your water pipes. Both of these things could be an issue as melting snow can cause back ups in the sewers and cause flooding. While the pipes underground will be thawed out which can cause water pressure to be higher and may cause shortages or flooding as well. So be on the lookout for these things around the roads and also be on the lookout at your house with your utilities as some in the Lansing-Area have been having problems or flooding already. Check out more about that here. 

So enjoy this warmer weather this week cause it will be getting cold and back to usual by the beginning of next week.

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