In the woods that lie behind the baseball diamond in the small town of Vulcan in the U.P., there is said to be an old ore mine. Explorers say if you stand in front of the ball field looking north, the mining buildings are in the woods to the right of the driveway.

But is it a mine or just some other type of underground tunnels?

Some say it's Native American mine tunnels, some say copper or iron mine shafts. And then there are others who confuse this area with the Iron Mountain Iron Mine tunnels that's located in the same area. Either way, there are underground tunnels in both locations...the main difference is, with the Iron Mountain mine tunnels, you go on a guided tour 400 feet below the earth's surface. With the tunnels behind the ball field, you risk taking your life into your own hands.

It's reported by explorers that there are not any "no trespassing" signs visible.

Check out the photo gallery below for pictures of the abandoned buildings within the woods.

If that's too risky for you to attempt, you can go on a legitimate mine tunnel tour on the
Iron Mountain Iron Mine Ride, located at West 4852 Hwy US-2 in Vulcan.

Check out the photos and see if it's worth a trip there...for brave souls ONLY.



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