Before we begin...register to vote. Do your research. Make sure you vote.

Don't know if you're registered to vote in Michigan?
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According to Youth Services America, there are 4 reasons why younger voters DON'T VOTE.

1. They’re not asked or encouraged to vote by candidates, campaigns, family, friends, or neighbors.

2. They’re not taught how the government and elections work or feel like they don’t know enough to vote.

3. There are too many barriers for them to overcome.

4. They’re not interested in politics or feel like voting won’t make a difference.

We have to work harder at getting our kids and young Americans involved in this process. We have to teach them how to do it, why it's important, and why their vote counts.

And I know. You probably won't want to get past the Democratic, Pro Obama, disenfranchised urban slant. But beyond that, this song is so on point for right now. As he is talking to his generation. About why they think their vote doesn't matter. Why it's not the president's fault. And why you need to vote for more than just the president. It's so educational, as suggested in the tweet above, it should be required viewing in civics classes.

Take a look. And I'm begging you to share it.

Let's get them involved. Let's let them know, your vote DOES count.

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