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Before we begin, we are posting this story to bring to light that only 5% of us are installing our kid's car seats correctly. Please, take a moment to inspect yours if you have one. If you have questions, get to an authorized professional. And get some tips HERE from the NHTSA.

This is hard to watch. But go in knowing that the kid was ok afterwards.

This is dash cam video from an incident in Mankato, Minnesota. The footage shows the exact moment a 2 year old in her car seat came tumbling out of a moving vehicle and into the street.

Authorities were alerted and called to scene. Emergency crews checked the toddler for injuries and determined that they were ok.

At first, the mother of the child had continued to drive away for a bit seemingly unaware of what had happened. It was later reported that she did walk back to get the child. Read the full story HERE from Fox 2.

The takeaway here is that the child was properly strapped into the seat, but the seat wasn't fastened to the vehicle seat.

A new study finds an alarming 95 percent of us are making at least one major mistake when we install infant car seats and position our newborns in them. Some of these mistakes may increase the chances of the baby getting injured while we're driving, even without a crash. (Parents)

Based on recommendations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the researchers found these mistakes:

  • Half of the seats that used seat belts did not have the seat belt retractor locked.
  • About a third had lower anchors that were too loosely attached.
  • Many used the incorrect seat belt path.
  • Many also incorrectly used lower anchors in the middle seat.
  • 11 percent had twisted straps, which can decrease straps' effectiveness in restraining a child in a crash.
  • Complete list here

Get your car seat inspected

Whether you’ve just installed a car seat or need help installing or using one, get help at a car seat inspection station near you. Certified technicians will inspect your car seat free of charge, in most cases, and show you how to correctly install and use it. (NHTSA)

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