I have my own opinion, but what is your choice for the worst road in Lansing for drivers? I'm asking you the question because I take several ways home every night and on this one road I always see some awful drivers and have almost been side-swiped several times.

My choice for the worst road in Lansing for drivers is......Jolly Road. This might shock you, or not if you drive on this road a lot, but this has to win for me because at least once or twice a week I always see someone almost get into an accident on Jolly. I also have seen many accidents on Jolly Road, so clearly this road is troublesome for most of us in the city. I have almost been in about 6 accidents already on Jolly, due to someone almost side-swiping me, drivers not using signals, or just plain ignorance. It almost happened to me this morning, actually.

I was at the street light of Jolly and MLK headed east and it's two lanes, and someone was in the lane next to me. When the light turned green, the driver and me both went the same speed and this drivers started to come into my lane, no signal, no trying to go faster to get in front of me, nothing. So I'm the safe one and go slow so this terrible driver can go in front of me and I returned my nice gesture with a long horn for about 15 seconds. I'm sure the driver had no idea what they did wrong, but this was the last straw for me.

Now I know that Jolly is one of the most used roads in the city, due to it going from the west side of Lansing all the way to Okemos, but there are plenty of long roads in Lansing that have terrible drivers. What is your choice?


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