Let's say you're at Lansing's Potter Park Zoo. You're at the rhino exhibit. There you see Doppsee, Phineus, and new baby rhino Jaali . You also see a father with his two year old daughter.

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And he starts heading towards the animal enclosure. He climbs over the fence with his baby daughter. He's actually getting into the enclosure.

To take a selfie.

What do you do? How do you react? Are you screaming? Do you try to get the authorities?

What happens when you see him standing there and then you see the rhino charging towards them?

Crazy right?

That's the scenario that played out at the San Diego Zoo with a father, his baby daughter, and a gigantic African bull elephant.

And you can see the whole thing below.

The flustered dad raced to slip back out of the enclosure, but dropped his daughter on the way out in video posted by ABC News. He grabbed her again and they both managed to escape as the crowd screamed and yelled: “Watch out!”

Jose Manuel Navarrete was being held on $100,000 bail for investigation of child endangerment, ABC News reported. He was scheduled to be arraigned on March 30. After the arrest, his daughter went home with her mother. (Huffpost)

This dude climbed into the enclosure, posed to take a picture with a wild elephant just feet away, was getting charged and could have been trampled, and while running to escape HE DROPPED HIS TWO YEAR OLD CHILD.

This brings back nightmare memories of Harambe.

Why is it folks seem to lose all forms of common sense when they get to a zoo with their kids? From not paying attention to them (and I know folks get distracted but come on) to risking life and limb for a selfie?

Who climbs into an ELEPHANT ENCLOSURE? And then drops their daughter while trying to escape when you never should have been there in the first place?

And one of the worst things about these incidents is that usually the animal has to pay the price for anything that happens because a parent or zoo patron didn't use their head.

Thankfully this time around, no one got hurt.

And we'll see what happens when Jose has his day in court. Neither he nor his daughter lost their life. But he could lose custody of his child.

Over a stupid selfie.

Fix it Jesus.

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