Visiting with Santa is a special time for kids and parents as well. We thought it would be nice to find unique opportunities for families to make memories this Christmas season by sharing places where you can take the kids to see Santa other than a shopping mall.

There are events right here in the Flint area and a few that you can do on one tank of gas. Would the kids enjoy breakfast with Santa? How about supper with Santa? There's even a chance to have snacks with Santa.

We've also included an event below that's designed especially for families who have children with special needs.

And when the time comes that kids start asking difficult questions about you-know-who, click here for a brilliant way to explain Santa Claus to children.

Unique Places to Visit With Santa This Year

Sure, you could take your chances and take the kids to the mall to see Santa this year or create truly unique memories by visiting with the Big Guy someplace special.

There are opportunities to have breakfast with Santa, supper with Santa, snacks with Santa, and even an opportunity for children with special needs to make to enjoy a visit with Santa Claus.

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