When it comes to planning out a tattoo, there are several things you need to double-check:

  • that you're committed to the tattoo and placement of the tattoo
  • that the tattoo shop you're visiting is clean and well-maintained
  • that you're completely comfortable and confident in your artist's ability to create and complete your chosen tattoo design

As far as tattoo shops are concerned, there are plenty to choose from in Michigan. However, if you're in the market for a woman-owned or non-binary-owned shop there are several across the state that you can choose from.

Here are 8 women/non-binary owned tattoo shops that you can visit in Michigan:

1. Relevant Tattoo & Piercing

Relevant Tattoo & Piercing, located in Coldwater, is a female-run and operated tattoo shop. They offer private rooms and, according to their Facebook page, cater to all walks of life. They can also offer services in English, German or Spanish. Like most tattoo shops, appointments fill up fast and tend to be booked a couple of months in advance. You can contact Relevant Tatoo & Piercing at (517) 227-5880 or on their Facebook page. 

2. Heirloom Arts LLC 

All of the artists at Heirloom Arts LLC are either non-binary or women. Located in Kalamazoo, they focus on upholding a higher standard for quality design with compassion, according to their Facebook page. Currently, they accept clients by appointment only. You can book an appointment on their website, by emailing heirloomartskzoo@gmail.com, or by messaging their Facebook page.

3. Balm 

Balm is located on the west side of Grand Rapids. They take special care to educate themselves about working with those who have been a victim of trauma so they can provide a compassionate and safe experience. Specifically, Sarah is the artist who is trained in trauma-focused practices. Balm also offers a community fund where "sliding-scale" tattoos are offered with no questions asked. You can read more about the community fund and booking appointments on their website.

4. Splash of Color Tattoo & Piercing 

Splash of Color, in East Lansing, has been in business for over 20 years. The owner, Kris Lachance, has been running the operation since 1997 and focuses on delivering the highest standard of cleanliness and safety for their clients, according to their Facebook page. Splash of Color can be contacted at (517) 333-0990 or by messaging their Facebook page.

5. Lucky Monkey Tattoo 

Lucky Monkey Tattoo, in Ann Arbor, claims to be world-famous. At least, that's what it says on their Facebook page. Their artists are also said to be award-winning which should instill confidence for whichever artist you choose. Appointments seem to be open. All that they ask is that you don't DM to inquire about an appointment. Instead, they ask that you send an email to info@luckymonkeytattoo.com. Make sure you include your design idea, approximate size, location on your body, and your contact information.

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6. 7 Chakras Piercing and Tattoo Studio 

7 Chakras Piercing & Tattoo Studio is located in Kalamazoo. They work to ensure their clients have the safest and most friendly experience ever. It seems to be working. Their reviews speak very highly of the shop including one that says,

This place is amazing!! Jasmine was a wonderful tattoo artist she made such a comfortable environment and did an amazing job!! 10/10 I would recommend getting a tattoo from here.

Read more reviews and request a quote on their website.

7. My Little Needle Tattoos 

Claiming to be Plymouth's oldest tattoo shop, My Little Needle Tattoos was established in 2008. The owner, Latricia (Trish) Horstman, has been making art since she was a little girl and has been tattooing since 2004, according to their Facebook page. For inquiries about appointments visit their Facebook page, give them a call at 734-883-9996, or at mylittleneedletattoos@yahoo.com.

8. Sei Bella Tattoo

This tattoo shop in Muskegon offers what they call "spirit guided tattoos." Besides tattoos, you can find metaphysical treasures and tarot readings all in one spot. Sei Bella works to provide a tranquil and safe space for you to explore beautiful tattoo art from any one of their artists. See the work from their artists and find information on booking appointments here.

As someone who has a number of tattoos, I understand the importance of feeling 100% comfortable with your tattoo experience. If you've been looking for a woman or non-binary artist specifically, hopefully, the above list will help point you in the right direction.

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