There's nothing worse than being emotionally invested in something and being let down in the end. Whether that's a relationship, a career, movie or TV show, we've all experienced this in some way. I don't know about you, but there are so many TV shows that were not given the ending they deserved and I'm still upset about it. One I'm still upset about, is Dexter. But thankfully, we're getting a new series to make up for that.

Here's a list of some other TV shows that upset me with their poorly written ending

Game Of Thrones

I know I'm not the only one upset about this. You gave us 7 seasons of great content and failed us in the end. There were so many unanswered questions and lost story lines. I felt like the writers forgot they needed to come up with content for season 8 and wrote it in one night. The last episode, I'm pretty sure there was over 15 minutes of travel. John walking, Tyrion pushing in chairs. I understood it's purpose but it was unnecessarily long.


New Girl

This is by far one of my favorite shows. I've rewatched it more times than I can count. However, I stop at season 6 when I rewatch it because season 7 was terrible. It was rushed and only like 8 episodes. We waited 6 seasons for Jess and Nick to get together and the writers were like, "Hey we know this is what you were all waiting for. They're together. Thats all. The End." We deserved more.

How I Met Your Mother

How are you about to cram several years into one/two episodes? There were too many time jumps which made it a mess. Over the entire show we saw why Ted and Robin weren't meant to be together, which made you root for Robin and Barney. But, then Ted and Robin end up together anyways. However, I will say this, it did have one "good" final scene that goes all the way back to a moment in the first episode.


You either liked it or you didn't. It was an extremely abrupt ending, where the screen went black and the only thing you can assume is that Tony Soprano was "whacked". On the plus side, they are releasing a movie in 2021 called The Many Saints of Newark, which is a prequel about young Tony, but fingers crossed we somehow get answers.

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