You know what? I can't remember how many times I drove past a flock of turkeys just strutting their stuff this past summer. Over by Jolly and Dunckel. Walking around. Not a care in the world. Now, nowhere to be found. Strange. I wonder why?

Oh yeah...this.

Credit: Iain Bagwell (Getty Images)
Credit: Iain Bagwell (Getty Images)

Yeah suckas. Where you hiding now?

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Turkey D-day is fast approaching. While we're doing Thanksgiving different this year, the turkey is still the centerpiece. Even though it might not be as big as it has been in years past. Because of smaller gatherings and not as big a need for a bigger bird. But people will still be looking for a bigger bird make no mistake about that.

“Our research indicates about 25% of people will be looking for a smaller turkey; but interestingly, 75% of people indicated they will purchase the same size turkey or a larger turkey than last year,” said Rebecca Welch, senior brand manager, seasonal business at Butterball. (Today)

Once you've secured your turkey, might I give you a cooking suggestion? One that I had never heard of before until I talked about it on the air earlier this week.

Cook your Turkey UPSIDE DOWN? 


Stranger Things Season 2 Characters

Well, not THE Upside Down. Nobody wants that.

But yes, cooking your turkey breast side down.

Sound crazy?

Yeah...crazy enough to work and make sense.

The benefits of roasting a turkey breast-side down are twofold: The dark meat cooks faster when it's closer to the heat source, and the juices trickle down for extra-moist breast meat. (Martha Stewart)

Need some more Turkey Tips? This is top secret stuff so don't tell anyone. But we've got 30 of them RIGHT HERE.

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