I'm not really saying this because I really feel this way, but I may or may not wish for some cooler temperatures again. And I only bring that up, because with these temps going up, I feel like I've got a wet rag on my face now with my face mask.

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Let's discuss this, and I need your help too because another year of wearing masks in the heat might kill me. I did some research and compiled a few things you could do to help alleviate that summer heat.

For starters, wearing a cotton mask could help lessen the issue, and if it does become damp from sweat, try switching out face masks. Studies have shown that the masks provide less protection when they become damp, so try switching out if you notice some moisture growing.

This next tip may be easier said than done too, but if you can, do everything you need in the early morning or afternoon. Temperatures are much cooler in the early morning hours, and typically early evening hours as well, making it easier to breathe in your mask. Now I don't carry around an ice pack or a damp cloth, but if you happen to be around either, put them on the back of your neck, it may just help lessen the heatwave.

This is a big one here, but watch what you're putting on your face. Things like make-up can mix with sweat and clog your pores. You can still use things like sun-screens though, just make sure you choose one that won't clog up your pores.

"The other thing you want to do is try and avoid make-up," Dr Sheraz said to BBC. "Use sun block and a water based moisturiser."

Don't forget about the good old cool glass of water either. You don't want to get dehydrated while out and about with the heat, especially with something like a mask put over your face. You could possibly pass out or even get sick.

Also, this one may sound a little odd but invest in a neck fan. Some retail stores, even Amazon sell fans you can put around your neck that could even help cool you down this summer. Not only that but there are small battery-powered fans you could also buy if you happen to have a more stationary job.

While the advice may not be the best, or a save all that you were looking for, hopefully, you can take a few things from this, and make that heat more bearable.

How To Keep Cool In Your Face Mask This Summer

I did some research and compiled a few things you could do to help alleviate that summer heat.

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