If you are looking to celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day, there are tons of places in Lansing to grab some. Just a heads up, these places are ranked on Yelp.com by users. I'll give a little about each place that isn't obvious in what food they serve.

  • #1 Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant (3308 S Cedar St) They do Thai, Malaysian and Burmese so if you are looking for food that you might never have had and have food with a kick, this is a place that has some great reviews.
  • #2 Bento Kitchen Cravings (310 N Clippert St) They do Korean, Mexican and Ramen so there are plenty of choices for spicy food.
  • #3 Kingston Kitchen (4749 Central Park Dr) If you love authentic Jamaican food, then this place is definitely a place to check out.
  • #4 El Oasis (6100 S Cedar St) Authentic Mexican food and they've gotten great reviews for their speedy service as they are a food truck.
  • #5 Ruckus Ramen (2021 E Michigan Ave)
  • #6 Hong Kong Restaurant (315 S Homer St)
  • #7 The Kung Fu (730 N Clippert)
  • #8 Chichi and Papa (1105 E Grand River Ave)
  • #9 Swagath Indian Cuisine (1060 Trowbridge Rd)
  • #10 The Creole Burger Bar & Southern Kitchen (1218 Turner Street) They do southern food along with burgers and it is definitely a place to check out.

You can see more on these restaurants and the reviews of them as well here. 

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