You got some time on your hands, so look around the house and see if you have any of these. If you are living with family, roommate, or significant other, this list can come in handy in a time like this or on any boring rainy day.

Now I know you will be wondering "Who made this list?" Well it wasn't me; it is from They made the list based on data from and their key search terms (as well as relevance and reviews), plus the estimated total sales at The games are rated on four 5-point scaled factors from The five point scaled is based on nostalgia, the gameplay (how well the game can be played by different ages), the game's cult following, and the game's educational rating (that can mean the game's education you need, what you can learn from it, and how it can help your strategic thinking).

After all of that, you've got the top 10 highest rated board games. You can see the full list here from

Top 10 Highest Rated Board Games

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