If you love your Nintendo Switch like the 20 million other people around the planet do then be happy you got one because it might be a while before new ones come out. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo will have some trouble getting important parts for the console due to the coronavirus lockdown in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Nintendo has sold over 19 million consoles this year, down from 21 million last year, but expect even less to be sold this year. The console has one of the biggest games out now "Animal Crossing" and if you want your friends or family to play it soon you will probably have to wait until at least the summer. Nintendo has production bottlenecks not only in Malaysia and Philippines but also in China, mostly with game production instead of console production. Nintendo expects the production issues to be fixed by July so good thing Nintendo just put out a few new games for the system early in the year to get you through this time.

Nintendo stock has dropped today and expecting to drop more because of this issue. You can see more about here from Bloomberg. 

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