If MSU head football coach Mel Tucker was looking for any ammunition or getting the players to have a chip on their shoulder, ESPN just served up a fresh batch of disrespect. The ESPN Football Power Index has the Spartans ranked as the 73rd team in the country out of 114 teams. Ohio State was #1. Wisconsin and Penn State were #5 and 6. Michigan was #18. The Indiana Hoosiers were #22! Northwestern at #24. Iowa at #26. Minnesota at #29. Nebraska at #37. Purdue at #49. Illinois at #60.

MSU is the 12th ranked team trailed closely by #80 Rutgers and #84 Maryland. Those games are no lock to win either. I predicted 4-4 and I thought that was being generous. Some of the players thought it was disrespectful. Good. I hope it fires them up and they can actually compete with Michigan this year instead of quitting.

All Spartan fans know ESPN hates MSU and looks for ANY reason to rub salt in Spartan wounds but they may not be that far off. They are completely out to get MSU, like some sort of Deep State.

These are all just "expert" predictions and it all goes out the window in about 2 weeks when MSU kicks off against Rutgers October 24th. If it REALLY happens. This is take 3.

The bar has been set pretty low for this season. In true Spartan times, that usually means we are headed for a good year. Overlooking MSU has bitten Ohio State, Penn State and even Michigan in the last decade but that was a different era.

Even if it is a toilet of a season, it will give the coaches recruiting tools.

"Look, you can come right here and play!"

What ever happens, I'll be saying "Go Green!" From the comfort of my own home.

Spartan fans have some good memories to reflect on. It looks like we may need them for a while.

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