Every time it gets to the end of the year we all start to think about what could’ve been and what we can do to make the next year better. So we all make some new year’s resolutions that we plan to keep but in most cases that promise only lasts a few weeks or just never starts at all.

So I’m here to help with the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions that you shouldn’t be making.

  • 1. Getting A Gym Membership – Please Stop doing this! Every January I have to battle through more and more people who start to go to the gym then once it gets to February never show up again. This doesn’t do anything, but make you waste money on a membership and then the cycle will start all over next January. Plus in January Gyms know that more people will be buying memberships so rates go and you end up spending more money for something you could get cheaper in a month from now.  So as a solution  do something small, like buy running shoes or go for a walk everyday.
  • 2. Get Married By The End of Year – Ok well this one could be difficult especially if you aren’t currently in a relationship. Don’t scare every man or woman you go out with by trying to speed it up and get married cause chances are it won’t work. Just try to get into a relationship first before thinking about marriage.
  • 3. Go On A Hardcore Diet – No, No, No, its not safe to just completely change your diet as your body will not like it and chances are you will not keep this diet long. So as a solution just start by cutting your portions in half or eating fruits and vegetables more.
  • 4. Curb Your Social Media Use – I like this resolution, but its even harder to do now with so many social medias to choose from and you know you won’t be able to not look at pictures from your friends for the rest of year. So as a solution, just minimize the amount of times you go on Facebook, Twitter, ect. per day.
  • 5. Win Back Your Ex – It’s a fantasy we’ve all had, but an ex is an ex for a reason. Spend the time and energy you would dedicate to getting his attention to looking for new prospects – or better yet, spend it on yourself.
  • Other Honorable mentions:  Quit Smoking, Travel to New Places, Volunteer more.

What’s Your New Years Resolution?

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