It seems like everyday we have a crazy new "holiday" Whether it was "Kiss A Guy With A Mustache Day" or something even crazier, if you can believe that, there are crazy days like that every damn day. Believe me, give it a Google if you don't think I'm telling the truth. I finally have found a sub holiday that is so for me. One that I probably celebrate every other day without even knowing that it was a holiday to begin with. That's right, find yourself a watering hole because today is National Beer Day.

Lots of love going around on Twitter this afternoon for National Beer Day. It has been trending since way early this morning, where I hope it originated from people drinking beer that early in the morning. So I posed a question to all of my Twitter followers, what are you drinking for National Beer Day. Everyone has their favorites. I've been tying to cut down beer intake as of late because I'm looking to get in better shape, but hey every once in awhile beer just hits the spot. So, what's your favorite beer? And where are you having it today?