I usually have a lot of crazy ideas. But I think I have something here. Let's add a vacation day to our calendar. Let's be honest too. Opening Day for baseball has and pulls the same weight that Memorial Day does or maybe even 4th of July but probably Labor Day as well. It's a day that we go out, drink beer, grill and be social. So why can't we put this on a calendar somewhere? Why can't we all have this day off? I'm not really sure but I think we should get a petition going or something. tell me that you don't love baseball, I dare you. No one way you don't absolutely love the game of baseball. You're excited about the Tigers starting today and you know that it'll be crazy downtown once the Lugnuts get going too.

In my opinion, this has all of the makings of a great national holiday. Something that we can look forward to and write down on our calendars every damn year. So, how do we make this happen? Well, it's easy really. We place every Opening Day game right after the Easter holiday so that we can make this a four day weekend. Let's get real here ya'll. No one is working today. You may be physically in your office today but you're lying if you think that you've actually gotten anything done without checking the score of the Tiger game. There are more missing people around the station today then there were on Friday right before Easter. Now, imagine if you had both of those days off! WOW! What an epic 4 day weekend. So, let's get this thing going. Opening Day should be a national holiday.